SPACEMIST Industrial High Pressure (1000 psi) Humidification System

High Pressure (1000 psi) Atomized Water Into 2100 cfm Air Stream
Uses NO compressed air for ceiling as low as 8'

SPACEMIST Industrial High Pressure Humidification System

Humidity Controller
Industrial fan
Key Features:

SpaceMist 360˚ Horizontal MistingFans
Humidity Control for ceilings as low as 8’

SpaceMist Features
  • 1000 psi Atomized Water Evaporated Into 2100 cfm Velocity Air
  • Automatically Maintains Relative Humidity Set Point (eg 45% @ 72˚F).
  • The “Shearing Effect” of High Velocity Air – Accelerates Evaporation.
  • Complete Evaporation within 20’ Diameter Above all Equipment & Workspace.
  • “No-Clog – No-Leak” Ceramic Insert Stainless Steel Nozzles.
  • Aggregating 10 Nozzles for Easier Routine Maintenance.
  • “Installer friendly” Flexible Hose & Slip-Lok Fittings.
  • Built-in Flexibility for Making Changes or Adding More SpaceMist Fans.
Operational Features:
  • Humidifies up to 15,000 sq ft x 12' ceilings - maintains 45% RH @ 72ºF.
  • Installer Friendly - uses flexible tube & slip-lok fittings.
  • All moisture evaporated within twenty foot diameter.
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SpaceMist System Specifications
  • .5 gpm 1/2 HP Pump Control Station (110V):US Mfg 1000 psi direct drive pump – preplumbed, prewired & tested – ready to spray; 5 Micron Pre-Filter; Auto Stop for water disruption; Auto Pressure Relief Electric Drain Valve. 3 Year Warranty.
  • Humidistat/Sensor Controller (Plug-in Type): Automatically operates the pump on/off cycle maintaining within ±2% of your humidity set point. 120V / 15 amps with large display screen.
  • Flexible 3/8” High Pressure Hose: 3550 psis rated burst pressure hose – requires only a cutting tool (included in spare parts kit).
  • 3/8” Slip-Lok Fittings: Push-to-Connect nickel plated w/ locking ferrules & over sized O-ring for complete leak proof seal.
  • 24” SpaceMist 360˚ Horizontal Misting: Quiet Axial Fan (64 DB) with a UL507 listed outdoor rated fan; White powder coated housing; Ceiling mount with bracket (mounts flush to dropped ceiling or chain hung); 2100 cfm 1/4 hp motor / 60Hz/110V/1.9 amps w/ 20’ cord; Stainless steel mist ring/1/4” SS Ball Valve w/ 90 micron filter & 10 nozzles. 24” dia. x 9.75” h • 25 lbs. • 3 Year Warranty. All moisture evaporated within twenty foot diameter.
  • Ceramic Insert Stainless Steel Nozzles (10 ea/SpaceMist Fan): Ceramic “no plug – no stick” surface; 350 psi spring assembly for “zero leaks & drips”; all Viton seat / o-rings – high wear resistance.
  • Spare Parts / Installation Materials: Includes 1 extra nozzle, 2 nozzle plugs & tube cutter & Install materials.
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SpaceMist System Operational Information
  • Warranty: 3 year system warranty except the filter, three years pump station & SpaceMist Fans.
  • Pump Operating Cost: 180 days/year (60% op. time) = $87/year.
  • Fan Operating Cost: 180 days/year (100% op. time) = $45/year/fan.
  • Load Formula for Sizing System: Total Area ft3 x (grains/lba - 8 grains/lba) x air x’s/hr ÷ 13.5 ft3/lba x 7,000 grains/lbw = Total lbs/hr of moisture to be added.
  • “Installer Friendly” Installation: SpaceMist Fans are ceiling hung above all equipment and workspace and daisy chained together by a 3/8” flexible hose & slip-lok fittings from the pump station. The pump station is plugged into the plug-in sensor, located in the area being humidified AND in proximity of a drain to allow a slight pressure release in the hose during the cycle off.
  • Routine Maintenance: Change: 1. Pump oil once/month; 2. Pre-Pump 5 Micron Water Filters every month; 3. Post Pump 90 Micron Filters (change/check yearly); 4. Flush/drain water lines before season startup.
Operation: Automatically maintains RH “set point” for from a ±2% RH zone sensor which cycles on/off the pump control station supplying 1000 psi water to each SpaceMist Fan (fans run continuously).