Big Air High Volume Low Speed Large Ceiling Fans For Industrial Spaces

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Big Air Fans:
The Most Energy Efficient Fans Available

The relationship between speed (rpm), diameter, airfoil shape, and the resultant size and momentum of a fan’s air column yields exponential efficiencies – an air column can sustain movement longer by leveraging its own momentum allowing air to entrain, circulate and reach corner to corner – encompassing circulation diminishes areas of unhealthy air. By operating at very low rpm, torque and wear are minimized and fan mechanical efficiencies are increased for a longer life cycle. Low rpm’s equates to a highly efficient fan using very little power to operate – pennies an hour!

Compare: Thirty one 36” 1hp high speed fans equal the cfm’s of just one 24’ Big Air 2hp fan saving over $20,000/year in electrical cost.
Air & Water Systems
Big Air Fan Series

24' High Volume Ceiling Fan
Circulating large air masses seamlessly
Industrial fan
  • Summer Cooling
    20,000 sq ft per 24' fan
  • Winter Heat De-Stratification
    forces heat to the floor
  • Forward - Reverse Direction
  • More CFMs - Less Amps
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

Big Air fans are designed for cooling large open spaces featuring maximum performance & energy efficiency - ideal for industrial applications - extremely efficient, quiet, and produces minimal air disruption directly below the fan.

The key operational design is the airfoil shape of the blades with a high aspect ratio like a plane wing - long and narrow, making it lightweight. The blades are designed for long life and easy maintenance. The fan uses a 2hp motor.

Frames/Mounting Hardware: A36 steel
Powder Coated
Color: Blue/Silver
Bolts, Nuts: Zinc Plated
Hubs: Steel
Blades: Type 2, Class 1 Aluminum
Safety Cable Guide Wires: Galvanized Steel Aircraft cables
Safety Link System: 10 ga Steel
  • Leverage Existing HVAC Systems: move large air masses without creating turbulence – reducing thermal loads, electricity use, and mechanical cooling and heating times – thermostat settings can be adjusted higher in summer and lower in winter to yield significant cost savings – lowers overall maintenance and extends system life expectancies.
  • Enhance Ventilation Systems: Continuous mixing of incoming fresh air with stale processed air lowers amount of total ventilation - reduce the number of high speed exhaust fans.
  • Optimize People Comfort: A fans large column of air pushing downward builds a comfortable deep floor jet of air that entrains outward – requires no need for air speed velocities
  • De-Stratifies Uneven Heat reducing higher cost of heat cycling.

Big Air Five Blade Fan Specifications (60 Hz)
Fan Size 24’
Displacement CFM (Forward Blowing Down) 384,363
Maximum Effective Area* 20,000 sq feet
Typical Industrial Spacing Ft** 100'
Maximum RPM 53
Power Consumption kW (Avg) 1.65kW
Motor Horsepower 2
*Maximum Effective Area determined within a circular area on an unobstructed floor under the fan.
**Typical Industrial Spacing from center to center of range – the more floor congestion, the closer the spacing.