Our Story

Air & Water Systems, LLC is a North Carolina-based company focused almost exclusively on the humidification and evaporative cooling needs of the industrial market. Our sales engineers have been in literally thousands of industrial plants around the world and bring a wealth of knowledge about the expectations of this demanding market.

By focusing on providing innovative and robust solutions for humidity control and evaporative cooling for a variety of industries, Air & Water Systems offers a broad line of custom-designed products that are tailored to suit each unique facility. While no two plants are just alike, there are some commonalities that Air & Water Systems offers everyone: 3 year warranty on everything we sell, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain equipment, and an unrelenting pursuit of the best products that are anything but "me-too".

Air & Water Systems is in the problem solving business not the problem causing one. We know you want to focus on making your products and not fixing ours. We started the company with an idea that we wanted a plant's maintenance guy NOT to call us. It is one thing to sell a system, it is quite another to stand behind it and stay on the hunt for even better ways of doing things. Our promise to you is that if you become our customer you will be happy long after your purchase.