WATER PRETREATMENT SYSTEMS For Industrial Humidification Systems

Industrial "Dual Tank"
Water Softening System

Protecting Equipment
Against the Effects of Water Hardness

Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Dual Alternating Tanks
  • 15 gpm/60,000 grains
  • Continuous Service
Operation: Ion Exchange of sodium or potassium ions for calcium ions decreasing water hardness with backwash, regeneration, and rinse cycles.

Water Softening is recommended in all Humidification Projects to maintain all equipment in optimum performance condition and to minimize parts replacement due to degradation from water chemistry components - principally water hardness. Air & Water Systems uses Ceramic Insert Nozzles on all high pressure systems which greatly reduces water quality issues. Air & Water Systems Compressed Air atomizers are self cleaning against buildup on the tip of the atomizer. Industrial Water Softening will safeguard all equipment against the internal effects of water hardness.
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Systems (98% Pure Water)

Filtering Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to Eliminate Air Dusting

Industrial Air Conditioning

Systems sized from 150 - 10,500 gal / day

Operation: feed water is supplied to a semi-penetratable membrane which filters suspended and dissolved solids to concentrate discharge and provides permeate water up to 98% pure water.

Additional Equipment: Carbon filter w/ auto backwash to remove chlorine to prevent RO membrane degradation; softening for removing calcium carbonate preserving membranes against hardness buildup; water storage tanks w/ Recirculation loop & level controls; Repressurization / Distribution Pump; & Ultraviolet Disinfection to prevent biological buildup in the tank.