RETROFIT Air & Water Systems' Parts and Equipment Components

Add Enhanced Function to Existing Humidification & Cooling Systems
  • Retrofit ArcticBlast Fan Modules to Existing High Pressure Systems:
    1. Add Summer Cooling for dual function to existing winter humidification system.
    2. Upgrade existing winter humidification with added output of humidification and highly accelerated evaporation.
      Note: ArcticBlast Fans easily retrofit into your existing stainless steel tube with flexible nylon high-pressure tube and slip-lok fittings.
  • Retrofit Ceramic Insert Stainless Steel High Pressure Nozzles:
    1. Nozzles easily interchange with most high-pressure nozzles (standard: 9.3 lbs/hr nozzles)
  • Retrofit ArcticMist Fans for Accelerated Evaporation to Existing High Pressure Systems.
  • Retrofit Stainless Steel Misting Rings to Existing Fans for Added Summer Cooling.
  • Retrofit Existing High Pressure Systems with CAT Pump Replacement Parts and Upgrade to 1 Million Life Cycle Danfoss Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves.
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