AirClean HP High Performance Air Filtration Systems

The AWS AirClean HP has tool-free filter change that is quick and easy. As always, AWS has more efficient filters than any of the competition! The first stage filter is a washable electrostatic filter that has a 10 year warranty. This filter comes as standard equipment with the AirClean HP! The second stage filter is a MEREV 14 per ASHRAE 52.2 bag filter that captures 99% of particles as small as 5 microns and 91% of particles as small as 1 micron in size. In layman's terms, this filter beats the pants off any competition and will provide your shop with the cleanest environment possible. The final filter is the diffusing filter. The unique design of the AirClean HP cabinet allows for a mixing chamber which enables the exiting air to be dispersed across the entire surface area of the diffusing filter. This feature is important in creating the proper airflow patterns necessary for trapping microscopic dust in your shop. The back of the cabinet also has a door that can be opened to allow an optional charcoal filter to be installed. By installing the charcoal filter "downstream" from the particulate-trapping filters, only clean air passes through the charcoal filter, which enhances the performance and extends the life of the activated charcoal.